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***** PLEASE READ *****

This video is not meant to discourage those that choose to relax their hair. This is a video on the facts. If you’re going to do something its best to do it informed.

What I do discourage, are those that choose to use chemical relaxers on prepubescent children.

I’m noticing that the term “Good Hair” hits a sensitive spot in people. Which is understandable. But, in reality, it may not be fare, but there are people out there who naturally have a better grade of hair, skin, and metabolism to start out with then others. I’m not saying that those are the only people that can have long relaxed hair. But, it is definitely a lot easier for them to achieve that then others, especially with continued use.

To clarify, in the video I said that those that still have long, thick relaxed hair even after years of relaxing. Not only practice almost perfect relaxing techniques, they also naturally have a great grad of hair or complete hair type combination. For example, they may naturally have very dense hair and can afford to loose many strands. And/or they may naturally have thicker cuticle layer that are tight and low in porosity. These complete hair type combinations, among others, is what I was referring to as “good hair”. FYI, most of these people have 4C and up hair types.

We are all informed and enlightened now to know that this term does not and can not refer to hair that is more similar to Caucasian hair types. This is a new age. We as, ethnic women now know what “our beauty” looks like and are embracing it proudly. This may sound harsh but we need to get over this “good hair” “bad hair” LYE. And enjoy what those before us worked so hard to achieve.



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