This is sort of my monthly regimen for defining and moisturizing my coily and curly hair.

Every week (3 options):
1. hot oil treatment followed by conditioner — rinse — leave in conditioner (aloe Vera) — oil
2. co-wash — rinse — leave in — oil
3. Homemade deep conditioner (add egg for protein) — rinse — leave in — oil

Once a month:
Apple cider vinegar rinse followed by the homemade deep conditioner — rinse out — Shampoo roots — rinse — Conditioner — rinse — Leave in — Oil

Flaxseed gel is for when I want to define my hair right before a style, most likely a wash and go

Hair Type: coily 4b
Transitioning period: 1 year 8 months
Big Chop: July 2015
Current Natural Hair Growth: 2 yr 7 months



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