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Making Shea Butter can be a tedious process that requires lots of care and attention. At The Shea Trader, we have a tightly knit relationship with our supplier in Ghana to ensure you receive the highest quality Shea Butter available.

How is it made?
Shea nuts are picked from their trees and brought back to villages in Africa. There, villagers harvest the fruit of the nut and boil it. While boiling, the oils from the fruit rise to the surface, and are cooled to later become the luscious shea butter you know and love.

Our Shea Butter is molded by a women’s co-op in Ghana into a 16 oz, soft, and easy to use bar. It is then shipped directly to us, packaged, and waits to be sent to customers to use for various beauty needs.

Will I Benefit from Using Shea Butter?

Our Ivory Shea Butter contains essential vitamins and fatty acids to trap in moisture and help anything from dry skin and stretch marks to reducing inflammation.

Use Shea Butter daily to:
– Treat dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis*
– Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
– Help cracked and dry lips*
– Protect your skin from harmful air pollution and sun rays*
– Boost natural collagen levels and improve skin elasticity *
– Repair dry, brittling hair or scalp*
– Use as a natural cuticle cream*
– Diminish scars*
– Soothe muscle aches*
– Heal small wounds*

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Single-Sourced, Direct from a Small Village: Our shea butter bar is straight from a women’s co-op in Ghana, where they carefully and lovingly harvest the best shea nuts. Our unrefined butter maintains its natural beige color, nutty fragrance, and healing properties unlike other processed, refined shea butters that are white in color
Beautifully Radiant Skin – Shea butter is packed with vitamin E, A, and F to help boost the natural production of collagen, slow down the aging process, and fight skin inflammation. Its fatty acid properties provide moisture to soothe your skin and help eliminate scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, acne, cracked heels, and dry hands
Repair Damaged Hair – Shea butter can restore moisture to hair damage caused by straighteners, curling irons, and chemical treatments. Its natural fatty acids and non greasy texture serve as a natural hair care to help repair split ends and hair loss, soothe itchy dry scalp, and use as a curl enhancing smoothie without leaving your hair oily
No Stress Application – Although solid at room temperature, simply break off a piece of the bar, rub between your hands, and apply to the designated area. You can also combine with other cocoa butters, mango butters, and essential oils for DIY whipped lotions, hand soaps, lip balm, and other homemade beauty products
If you’re not satisfied with your Shea Butter, reach out and we will make it right.


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