TYPE 4 WASH & GO Using MOUSSE To Define Natural Hair!?


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—– About Melanin Haircare —–
I am SO EXCITED to FINALLY share it with you all my project that took 6 LONG YEARS of development! Inspired by my DIY hair product recipes and the requests from my online community, Melanin Haircare was officially founded in 2015!

100% Black Owned – 100% Family Owned. We took ZERO shortcuts, and ZERO compromises, which is why this took so long. There are no investors, just my sister and I, and we built this from the bottom up, through hard work and perseverance.

Every single product formula and packaging has been custom created from SCRATCH. These are my DIY product recipes, enhanced for stability and world-wide distribution. The merchandise has also been custom created from SCRATCH, designed by me, using my graphic and product design experience. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer! XoXo!! Nap

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