The Real Reason Why Protective Styles Aren’t Growing Your Hair


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In this video I go over hair growth tips for growing long hair, my hair regimen for long, healthy hair, and how to reduce breakage. I talk about how to actually do protective styles properly to allow for growth. Protective styling is one of those things that is really amazing when it is done correctly, but can be tragic if done wrong. You can have protective styles without loosing your edges, experiencing a lot of breakage, or any other things that can commonly be associated with protective styling. In this video I go over hair growth tips for natural hair and relaxed hair. Everything I discuss here can be applied to both. My hair regimen for natural hair growth is very simple. I do a lot of protective styling! What is different though is that I do it without experiencing a lot of breakage. I give hair tips for growing long natural hair and relaxed hair. I go over my hair growth journey and exactly what I did to learn how to grow hair past the shoulder length plateau. I show you how to grow long healthy natural hair and long healthy relaxed hair. While there is really not much you can do to grow your natural hair faster, what you can do is learn how to reduce breakage of natural hair or relaxed hair and how to retain more length

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