Super Easy HALO Braid on Short 4C Natural Hair Using Edge Booster Styling Gel!!!|Mona B.



Hey MB Crew!! In this video I’ll be showing you all how to do a easy halo braid!! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for watching!!

-Mona B.

Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel review:

Products used on hair:
Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel:
Got 2 Be Glue Freeze Spray
Edge Booster Edge Pomade
Eco Style Gel
3X Jumbo Braid:

*S O C I A L M E D I A*
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Natural hair journey
July 2010 last perm
Transition for 9 months
April 2011 big chopped
April 2012 1year natural
April 2013 2year natural
April 2014 3years natural
April 2015 4 years natural
April 2016 5 Years natural
April 2017 6 years natural
April 2018 7 years natural
Got tapered cut June 2014
Mohawk cut(Shaved Sides)July 2014
Last haircut started growing out my hair September 4th 2014
Tapered twa haircut December 2014
Second big chop March 10th 2015
Shaved sides again July 2016
Third big chop January 2017
Forth big chop/Shaved August 2018
Bleached & Colored my natural hair September 2018
Last haircut Started growing out hair again December 2018
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