Hey lovies, I’m here to share with you how I have been stretching my 4C natural hair recently. OPEN ME ↓ ↓ This is PART 1 of the Process. Hope you enjoy! :)Tut starts at 0:44
WATCH PART 2 (TAKE DOWN & STYLE) HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_FJbXYFzLQ

So this method is called the African Threading Method, it is a great way to stretch your natural hair WITHOUT using heat! I chose not to wrap the threads tightly around my hair as I was going to take it out in the morning, and I wasn’t looking to achieve a very straight look.
Since I’ve been using the African Threading method, my twists/ twist outs are a lot neater, detangling is easier, my hair retains a bit more moisture than usual; and my hair is easier to handle overall. I will also be using this method when I need to trim my hair. I would recommend it for those looking to achieve heat-less blowouts and stretched styles!

++++++++++ PRODUCTS USED ++++++++

– Spray Bottle with Water
– Giovanni Weightless Moisture Leave In (I included the wrong one
at the beginning – Eden’s Body Works Peppermint and Tea Tree
Hair Milk
– My DIY Shea Butter Mix
– Grapeseed Oil
– My DIY Oil Mix for Scalp (Optional)

++++++++++ TOOLS USED ++++++++++++++++

– Scissors
– Hair Weaving Thread
– Detangling Comb
– Rat Tail/Fine Tooth Comb (Optional)
– Parting tool (Optional)

Have you tried this method before? How did it work out for you?

WATCH PART 2 (TAKE DOWN & STYLE) HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_FJbXYFzLQ


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