So I Tried Stretching My Natural Hair with Irun Kiko.. African Threading on Short 4c Hair


How I stretch 4c natural hair without heat with African threading!❤️ Heatless blowout on natural hair 4c. I hope you guys enjoy this heatless stretching natural hair tutorial of how to blow out short 4c hair. my instagram:

In this video I show you how to stretch 4c hair overnight without heat using a method similar to banding, how to blow out natural 4c hair for braids by yourself after washing without heat and without damage. How to blow dry/ blow out a short 4c hair twa straight. This can be used for low porosity or high porosity hair. It is something you can do without a blow dryer or any type of blow dryer with a comb attachment. I show an alternative to how to do a blow dry or heat blow out 4c natural hair using rubber!! African threading to stretch 4c natural hair. African banding method.
How To Stretch 4c Natural Hair Without Heat| African Threading, Irun Kiko

The rubber: