Send a shout-out to your Hair Salon or Stylist!



Where’s Your Go-To Hair Salon?

When you go out of town for vacation or a business trip for an extended period of time, who’s your out-of-town stylist?  Send them a shout-out!  Check out our Facebook page and send a shout-out.  Spread the word about your favorite hair salon.  Whether you’re relocating or spending a extended time away from home in another city, it’s always a good idea to know where the salons are and it’s even better when you can count on other women’s experiences with that particular hair salon.  So whether your stylist hooks you up with a bangin’ new color, a fresh cut or a fierce twist-out, a weave, a relaxer, or styling your locs, shout him/her out!  I rarely frequent the hair salon anymore since going natural, but I have my go-to stylists whenever I need something done like a trim or color.  Oh yeah, and if your hairstylist is you, give yourself a shout-out! Shout-out’s to Maritza, Maggie, Rose, and Mimi! [The Hair Kingdom, Boston]


Shellee Mendes, the only African-American owner of a hair salon on Newbury Street, Boston

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