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Happy Friday! Here is my roller setting tutorial. I am using the same technique as my first roller setting video minus the saran wrap. I did not use any direct heat on my hair to achieve this style. I just sat under the hooded dryer (for an hour and 30 minutes).

This is the only time I use a comb on my hair. I still follow the CG method. The comb help with smoothing.

Drying time may vary depending on the thickness of your hair or how much product you have used.

Products Used:
Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” : my leave in (you can purchase at any hair salon that carries Paul Mitchell products.)

ORS edge control: to smooth my edges (it is not water based so you do not have to worry about it reverting your hair back to its natural curls). 😀 And it is CG friendly (you can purchase it from your local drug store).

Grey Magnetic Rollers: you can purchase them at your local beauty supply store

Magnetic roller clips: you can also purchase them at your local beauty supply store

I took about 45 minutes to set my entire head. It took about 2.5-3hrs to complete the entire process…from start to finish.

I used about 18 rollers.

at night I sleep in a high bun and remove the bun. My curls usually are much flatter the second day, but it isnt a big deal to me because I usually make a ponytail or bun. 🙂

This style can last for a while (as long as I avoid water…lol!)

You can use any setting lotion or conditioner of your choice. I have even used EcoStyler gel and it turned out perfectly fine!

As you can see, my hair is not bone straight. My roots have texture. Last time I used gel to set my hair and my roots were much smoother. Overall, I am pleased with my results!

Thank you for your support!


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