Pre-pooing Natural Hair: Using Coconut Oil vs Conditioner Before you Shampoo (Type 4 Hair)

Coconut oil? Condition? I had to do this video cause I want every natural to pre-poo natural hair properly. We are trying to grow our natural hair right? Got to do healthy things.Too many naturals make mixes for pre-pooing when its really just a simple step that uses one ingredient. Oil whether coconut, olive, almond etc..

Pre-pooing is a pre-treatment to shampoo. What you use needs to penetrate the hair, attach to the core and defend against hygral fatigue. In this video I go into great detail about it.

I’m not knocking you if you use conditioner before you shampoo. Its not pre-pooing its just pre conditioning which is a waste of product. Shampoo cleans hair right? So most likely that all clears out once you shampoo or you cause more build up cause shampoo has a negative charge and conditioner has a positive charge. Keep it simple —

What you will see today is a comparison. Please understand I am not a professional I am just consistently studying and increasing my knowledge about our hair. I share what I know with you all.

So share this video with others we have to spread the word.

Pre-pooing is not using conditioner or some concoction with everything from your fridge. Its simple, use a penetrating oil. Leave it for 24 hours then start your wash day.

Hair Science:
Pre-poo in detail:
5 Steps to Wash Day:

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