In 4 steps, I share how to detangle matted hair after wearing braids, without causing damage or breakage to my natural hair. If you wear wigs, box braids, sew-ins or styles such as crochet braids and cornrows, then this video could potentially help you to detangle your hair after taking out the weave, extensions or braids. If your hair is matted afterwards, it’s okay, don’t get anxious just yet. My greatest advice is to be very patient with yourself and if you feel that you’re getting frustrated, stop and continue the take down process at a later time. It’s easy to start ripping hair once you get tired and frustrated, but don’t rip it or force it, okay? 😘
These steps help me to retain length and maintain healthy hair after protective styles, such as cornrow braids. For successful results, each step in my detangling process is just as important as the next one. I hope that these steps are beneficial to anyone who watches. Please SHARE, if you think this video will help your friends and family. 💜😘💜
I mixed together a few things that I had at home; nothing fancy, just random ingredients that are also found in some store bought hair products:
✔Water (for lubrication)
✔Raw Honey (for moisture)
✔Oils (to reduce friction)
✔Slippery Elm Bark (cut & sifted) (for “slip”, great detangling aid)
❗️I wore a wig while wearing the cornrow braid pattern, no sew-in or crochet braids were installed
❗️I re-dipped the towel twice (every 30 minutes) while I did the DIY hair steaming.
❗️’How Long?’ is the most frequently asked question
Answer: I left those braids in WAY LONGER than 2 months
❗️Please note that I did not wash my hair right before taking down the braids. The intro in this video was recorded many weeks before the take down and it was only to show viewers that I did wash my hair while wearing the braids. Also, prior to taking down the cornrow braids, the hair was completely dry and hadn’t been washed in a few days.
💻 Still have questions after watching?
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If you’re still reading, then you and I have something in common, we like to read! 🙂 Thanks for coming to my party-our party- and I will upload again, soon! 🎥😘
It’s okay to not ‘fit in’ with the crowd. BE YOU.√



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