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Natural Hair Head Wraps

So the other day, I wrote about protective styles and the importance of doing them when you’re natural http://www.everythingnaturalhair.com/why-protective-styles/.  In addition to twists, braids, and wigs, head wraps are also a really cool and creative way to protect those strands.  Did I mention how inexpensive they are?  Very inexpensive and accessible.  Your local beauty store will have them and if you want a little bit more of a creative twist on your head wrap, go to your local fabric store and pick out your own patterned fabric and have them cut you the length you think you’ll need.  Head wraps are not just for sleeping at night, but they can be worn as an extra accessory to add some pazazz to your style!

Wear a plain black one with your favorite outfit or maybe a patterned head wrap to wear with your favorite jeans and boots.  Here’s another bonus–rock your head wrap while you’re out and about and at the same time deep condition your hair–how cool is that?!!  Here’s what you do: wet your hair, apply your deep conditioner, put on a plastic cap or two, and tie your head wrap to your liking.  When it’s time to wash, your hair will have had a deep conditioning treatment and you didn’t even have to stay home or under the dryer to achieve it!  You want to do an oil treatment or pre-poo your hair? Apply the same technique!  Classy and chic while pampering your hair, sounds like a win-win to me!

As always, watch those edges and the your nape of your neck.  To protect those sensitive parts, tie your head wrap about an inch or two away from your edges and your nape to prevent breakage.  And for extra protection, depending on the material of the head wrap, throw on a satin or silk bonnet or scarf as a barrier between your hair and the head wrap, especially if your head wrap is made of cotton.  While head wraps are a good option for protective styles, keep in mind that your hair does need to breath, so when you’re home, it’s probably a good idea to take it off.  And be creative, there are a gizzillion ways to tie head wraps!  How do you wrap yours?  Do your prefer a beenie over a head wrap?  We’ll chat about beenies later….

Check out this video from KashTV on some fab ways to tie a head wrap! 

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