NATURAL HAIR GROWTH TIPS/how to Retain Length + LENGTH CHECK 2022 | JaiChanellie


Let’s talk about how to grow long natural hair! After being natural for 10+ years, I’ve collected some tips about natural hair growth and length retention that I want to share with you. Protective styles? Absolutely ✅ But what else can you do? Let’s discuss. Subscribe for weekly videos

mini twist tutorial
protective styles for natural hair

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00:00 Watch this for natural hair growth & length retention tips!
00:43 Length check 2022
1:18 Tip 1 – choose your hairstyles wisely!
2:36 Tip 2 – avoid single-strand knots
2:57 Tip 3 – snip, snip
3:50 Tip 4 – what hair products are you using?
4:37 Tip 5 – long natural hair is overrated, tbh.
5:34 Any other tips for natural hair growth & length retention?

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