MPL hair products review | Cheap natural hair products for fast hair growth wash day | Tsholo Phoka


Heyiii ???? In this video I review cheap natural hair products for fast hair growth in a LCO hair wash day routine. This MPL hair products review will include a review of the MPL black castor oil product, MPL hair oil product, MPL hair food product, MPL charcoal conditioner product and MPL charcoal shampoo product.

MPL claims to remove impurities on the hair, leave hair feeling stronger and thicker, help with dandruff and dry scalp, conditioning and moisturising for the hair and scalp as well as improve any scalp conditions. MPL improves hair lustre nourishing and conditioning hair overall.

Tsholo Phoka
Hair type: 4c Natural Hair
Hair porosity: low hair porosity
Hair density: Medium density
Hair length: Medium to long natural hair
Location: South African Youtuber
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MPL LCO wash day routine Contents:
00:00 Intro
00:41 MPL Shampoo review
02:52 MPL Conditioner & Hair Oils
08:10 MPL Hair Food
10:14 MPL Hair Product Price