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For Black Women who want LONG HEALTHY HAIR-Now available in paperback at and a bookstores near you.
Welcome to the HAIRVOLUTION!

Award-winning Hair GURU turned Motivational Speaker and Total Wellness Advocate, Yvette Braswell has created a fast reading, 115-page, adventure through Hairytale Land with her innovative hair growth tell-all, Long Hair, Do Care (The Black Girl’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Growing Long Healthy Hair). This step-by-step action plan is designed for anyone who’s handling textured hair, and is seeking to up their game by growing it to unimaginable lengths. Yvette, along with a few of her ‘good-good’ Celebrity Hairstylist friends, teach the facts of hair in newly imagined ways. She exposes the secrets of ‘growing hands’, using a dash of humor to entertain the audience, while unveiling the Self-Care/Total Wellness connection that has revolutionized what hair-care actually means. It’s time to skip the guess work, and get to the results. Just flip to the chapter that suits your needs, and watch for the magic.

Intended to be a tool for creating the conversations that not only spark a HAIRVOLUTION (an outer expression of a revolutionary inner awakening through one’s hair), but also the ideas that obliterate the history of ‘hair shaming’ that has plagued the legacy of the Black community for far too long. This hair lover’s reference redefines haircare as the first step of self-care, on the road to Total Wellness.

A great book for ages 13+ years, professional stylists, and hair enthusiasts of all kinds, Long Hair, Do Care (The Black Girl’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Growing Long Healthy Hair), focuses on using self-love as a means to achieve the self-esteem that comes along with a healthy head of long hair.

Long Hair Do Care will teach you:

* How to promote hair growth and diminish breakage
* Which tools should be in every Black woman’s hair drawer
* How to reverse the effects of medication on your hair
* How to grow your children’s hair
* Celebrity stylists’ secrets for gaining maximum length
* Which foods and vitamins promote long, healthy hair

***PLUS- A 12 week worry-free haircare ‘cheat sheet’ schedule***


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