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KPAway is a dermatologist-developed skin cream that fights Keratosis Pilaris (KP) or “chicken skin” and Eczema from a different perspective. We removed the harsh acids and created a rich emollient from very few, but critical, ingredients.

The result is the Keratin Ultra-Hydration effect, leading to Lipid Repair and improved Epidermal moisture content. This relaxes your hair follicle which leads to the ideal skin smoothness. We have ensured that each ingredient is truly necessary and you will find that we have the shortest ingredient list on the market with only 7 critical ingredients in order to treat the rough red bumps that appear most commonly on arms and thighs. The harsh acids most commonly used in all other keratosis pilaris products are Alpha-Hydroxy, Beta-Hydroxy, and Lactic acids. We know that these acids cause more redness, burning and irritation by causing keratin destruction (sometimes referred to as exfoliation). This is the reason why most people cannot tolerate and ultimately stop using those products after a few weeks or months. We also take pride in our formula and the cream synthesis process for smooth renewing skin care.

Never Tested on Animals
Made in the USA at an FDA registered lab
Paraben Free
Organic Coconut oil base
BPA Free
Acne Moisturizer
3.5oz / 104 mL. This is a mini version of our Jar which is the largest size for creams in this category.


Apply a thick layer daily after showers to those most bothersome areas like the back of the arms and thighsTHE ONLY ACID-FREE KP TREATMENT – Unlike our competitors, we don’t use harsh acids like Alpha-Hydroxy, Beta-Hydroxy, and Lactic acids because they all cause irritation, stinging, and pain.
LESS REDNESS, IRRITATION, BURNING – No harsh exfoliating acids means fewer side effects
BABY & CHILD FRIENDLY – Our proprietary formula is perfect for kids & infants.
DEVELOPED BY A BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST – Created to help his own keratosis pilaris (“chicken skin”), he now uses it daily with exceptional results.
TRAVEL SIZE – We have now made our product available in a smaller tube. This option is perfect if you only want/need the same cream on the go.


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