Check out how I installed these gorgeous natural looking individual crochet twist! I customized the ends because I wasn’t crazy about the way the ends looked. They had a mechanical finish to it that didn’t look natural. So I DIY’d a hack to get natural looking curly ends!

My hair is shoulder length in its shrunken state and bra strap length when straightened… so I have A LOT of hair. I wanted to try this individual method using jumbo crochet hair because I wanted a quick and easy install that didn’t take very long.

I think it turned out pretty good! I did 24 individual twist! Next time I would do a few more, maybe 30. Some of the larger twist didn’t blend as well towards the roots but ultimately I loved it and def plan to do it again, maybe with some colored hair!

▽ • 12″ Jumbo Senegalese Twist •▽

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