I used Olaplex for One Year on My Natural Hair unexpected results


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00:00 Intro 00:00
01:00 Olaplex before 30 day Hair Detox 01:00
03:45 Olaplex after 30 day Hair Detox 03:45
04:50 What Happened When I stopped using Olaplex 04:50
07:11 3 Months of Using Olaplex consistently 07:11
08:30 How I Save $ and How Long OlaplexLasts 08:30

I used Olaplex as part of a consistent routine. In editing the video, I realized the Henna part may be a little confusing. I started using Henna for the first time in 2011 when I first went natural not realizing it was having undesirable results on my hair. Using Olaplex as part of a consistent routine helped reveal the full potential of my natural hair.

I Used Olaplex 0 & Olaplex 3
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Olaplex 0:
Olaplex 3:

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