How To Use Protein to Stop Breakage on Natural Hair


Protein Treatment for Natural Hair 4c. Aphogee 2 Step Treatment to Stop Breakage on 4c Hair. How to know if your Hair Needs Protein or Moisture.
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In this video I talk about protein moisture balance for natural hair, How to do a protein treatment for 4c natural hair, damaged hair, or high porosity hair, how to know if your hair needs protein or moisture, and how to stop shedding, ie breakage, on natural hair through protein. Protein treatments can be done on relaxed hair, curly hair, low porosity, high porosity hair, colored natural hair, heat damaged natural curly hair, at home yourself the diy way. However, its important to know how when and if protein is for you before you use it. Today I will be using the Aphogee Two 2 Step Protein Treatment. This video goes into how to help grow repair and treat heat damaged hair, or any type of damaged hair, retain natural hair length, repair damaged hair, stop breakage to help get hair thicker and fuller, and grow longer faster and prevent breakage by understanding how when and if you should add protein into your hair regimen. I show you how to add protein to you hair, different ways of how to apply protein treatment to hair, and how use Aphoogee 2 step treatment.
All about how to do a protein treatment on natural hair for hair at home

My video on hygral fatigue/ moisture overload:


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