Hello ! I put the Eco styler argan oil, max hold 10 to the test. This video is to show you how to use gel on natural hair and my personal opinion on this product. I was actually really surprised that it could hold my 4c hair.

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Here are the three tests:

đź”´ Edges & Flakes :
I show you how I laid my edges and I was happily surprised that I could double lay my edges with this product without flakes.
If you do how ever itch your scalp or add too much product, you can experience som flakes from this product.
I have low porosity hair so using too much gel too often will give me crazy build up.

đź”´Definition and hold :
I tried to see if it would hold my short hair in two strand twists and for how long. I also wabted to see how well defined my twist out would be and for how long.
This gel could work really nice for finger coils as well because it made my hair really curly in the back.

đź”´ Holding bigger sections:
Here I wanted to see how the Eco styler gel would react when placed in bigger sections of my hair.
I came to the conclusion that the gel shouldn’t be placed directly on to the hair but be rubbed into the palm of your hand to warm it up and avoid clumps of gel in certain areas.

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