“What is Curl Training?” @ 3:00
3 Tips Start @ 5:14

NOTE: While I personally believe “curl training” is the wrong term to use because I think training generally refers to a “change” in people’s mind… I do get the question on how I “train” my curls more times than I would like to count so I wanted to address my simple methods for keeping my hair manageable or “trained”..

Please know that NONE of these methods are going to change the hair you were BLESSED with. My methods only help me keep my roots flat (so my wash days are less time) and helped my curls “learn” how to “clump”

Products Used For Wash and Go in This Video: https://youtu.be/l5iNxSHLaQY
Holy Grail Wash & Go Combo: https://youtu.be/3PYjY9KHnB8
How To Start Curly Girl Method: https://youtu.be/xePkrDOvXVQ
Banding Method: https://youtu.be/UMisyLAKJtg

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