How to: Perfect Fluffy Twist out on type 4 natural hair| Tutorial ft. Njoy naturals
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This twist out was done with Njoy naturals hair care products. Sometimes we get caught up in our thoughts on what to do with our natural hair. Twist outs are a great option if you have thicker, courser, curly hair and you want to make them more defined. This is a very low maintenance style and you can do the twist out the night before, unravel the twist the next morning and you’re able to wear it for a couple of days. The most common product to use for a twist out is gel. However, creams or pudding with really good hold can serve as a good substitute. Shea butter mixtures are also amazing for twist outs! I have found with my twist outs, shea butter mixtures or creams with strong hold work best. If I want a more defined twist out, then gel would be a product I turn to. The twists can also double as a protective style if you just keep them in and do not take the twists down. Type 4 natural hair can often be tiresome if you don’t know what to do with it, but twist outs are ALWAYS A STAPLE! #Gotohairstyle!
If you have type 4 hair this a perfect hairstyle! Let me know what you think of the twist out down in the comments below.
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-Soothing herbal shampoo
-Coconut Milk and Honey deep treatment conditioner
-Aloe vera Leave-in
-Chamomile and mint hair cream

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