This Homemade GEL is an amazing DIY made from Flax seeds and can be used to speed up the hair growth. Also makes your hair smooth, silky and shiny. Adding this Hair mask / Gel to your hair care routine will help preventing dandruff, hair shedding & scalp damages. This is more like a Natural hair treatment using flax seeds for hair growth. Flax seeds are a very good source of minerals & vitamins especially Vitamin E which keeps your hair moisturized.

Benefits of Homemade hair Gel, Conditioner or Hair Mask using FLAX SEEDS:

1 – Nourishes and promotes hair growth
2 – Makes your hair smooth, shiny and silky.
3 – Rich source of Vitamin E which is good for hair growth.
4 – Keep your hair moisturized
5 – 100% natural
6 – Prevent hair shedding & breakage.
7 – Reduce scalp damage by soothing the scalp.
8 – Prevent dandruff & reduce scalp issues.
9 – Suits all hair types.
10 – Instantly can be prepared at home and can be preserved in an air tight containers.


1 – 1/2 cup of flax seeds (Alsi beej in Hindi)
2 – 2.5 cup of water.
3 – Any essential oil
4 – Any air tight container.
5 – Strainer / wooden spoon.

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