Easy 4c hairstyles- Faux High Puff Tutorial. How to put in a 4c puff on short natural 4c hair. Easy natural hairstyles for black women. Natural puff hairstyles for natural hair, drawstring ponytail hairstyles for black hair. Easy hairstyles for natural 4c hair❤️.

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4c hairstyles idea. This puff makes for easy low manipulation hairstyles or easy 4c protective hairstyles as long as your hair is twisted safely underneath and the bun isn’t too tight! You want to make sure you’re not putting tension on your edges! This is also an example of 4c hairstyles without gel! All I put in my hair was leave in using this fake 4c puff, defined 4c puff. This curly 4c puff can be used as short term short 4c protective hairstyles. 4c natural hairstyles for short hair 4b. Easy natural hairstyles like these 4c puff hairstyles with 4c puff extension are great for when you need something to do to your hair and just need something quick and easy. This 4c puff tutorial is great for beginners! There is no braiding required. A great 4c puff styles idea using this diy 4c puff ponytail as a faux high puff in place of an expensive drawstring ponytail on natural hair. This cheap kinky curly drawstring ponytail like faux high puff makes is easy to fake afro puff hairstyles that look like real human hair! You can easily fake long natural hair using this afro puff drawstring ponytail. I made this diy beauty supply drawstring ponytail using Outre spring twist twisted up hair that can be purchased from amazon or your local beauty supply. Afro ponytail hairstyles ideas. Best drawstring ponytail dupe. Type 4 hair ponytail. Faux curly ponytail with weave, crochet ponytail hairstyles. fake ponytail on natural hair. How to make a twa drawstring ponytail and install drawstring ponytail on yourself. Easy, simple, fast updo ponytail hairstyles for black women.