So I took the plunge and went to a dry bar here in Scottsdale, AZ. The concept of a dry bar was very new to me. For those who don’t know, dry bars specialize in blow outs. This particular dry bar also does styles. The set price is $40 regardless of hair texture, length, thickness so I was SOLD.

My stylists did have experience with textured hair so I felt very comfortable. We talked about what I wanted before he got started. He ended up cleansing my hair twice because I’d worn a wash n go and I knew it was very dirty. He used a conditioner and began detangling my hair. He further finger detangled my hair before the blow out. Now the blow out took a long time. I’m going to guess 1 ½ hours. After that he flat ironed my hair and then curled it. It was a little more heat than I’d usually use but I was okay with that. I know what my hair could handle. This folks are very flexible. If you only want a blow out, get a blow out. If you want one pass of a flat iron get one pass.

As you can see my hair isn’t really straight and I’m fine with that.

I was a bit frustrated that it took 4 hours to do my hair however I can’t complain. I do have a lot of hair. He also took his time and didn’t use any combs or brushes while my hair was wet. If I’d only gotten the blow out I would have been done a little over two hours.

Overall I’m happy and I will most def go there for my blowouts. Only blowouts through because I don’t think I could handle another four hours in a chair. ☺

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