DIY Leave In Conditioner Spray For DRY NATURAL HAIR


Dry Natural hair? Get instant hydration and moisture to your hair with just a few sprays of this DIY leave in conditioner for natural hair! Infused with powerful botanical properties of rose & hibiscus flowers, deep penetrating shea butter and jojoba oil to seal in moisture!

This All Natural Leave In Conditioner Spray penetrates your hair much faster than traditional leave In conditions and can be used both as a leave in treatment and a refresher spray.

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A leave in spray is essentially a water based conditioner that provides intense hydration and moisturization to your hair. A leave in is not the same as a conditioner, due to its high water content it penetrates your hair much more easily than conditioners! And that’s why its a great styling tool to quickly refresh and pump your hair full of moisture!

These are super simple to make and unlike adding water to a conditioner which is a popular method of making leave-ins – this is a completely stable formula, meaning that you don’t need to shake it up or keep it in the fridge, and it will last for months instead of days!

DIY Leave In Conditioner Spray for Dry Natural Hair
– 86g Rose & Hibiscus Floral Water (or any water alternative)
– 2g Glycerine
– 5g Shea Butter
– 5g Jojoba Oil
– 2g Emulsifying Wax
– 4g Preservative
– 1g Vitamin E
– Fragrance: Geranium, Grapefruit Essential Oil (Optional)

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