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Hey guys! For today’s video I’ve partnered with Briogeo to show you how I get perfect spiral curls on my natural hair using finger coils! Finger coils are the easiest and a healthy/ no-damage way for me to get ULTRA and SUPER defined curls (on my dry and frizzy hair) without using perm-rod sets, flex-rod sets, direct heat, or curling irons. Finger Coils take a bit more time to do, but they can last over a week! I also used my hooded dryer on the cool setting, but you can also air-dry as well! Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and tag me on IG if you use this method!

Products used:
-CURL CHARISMA hydrating shampoo
-DON’T DESPAIR, REPAIR! deep conditioning mask
-CURL CHARISMA coil custard

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