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COTU (R) Brand is perfect for you to create your own unique hairstyles with these tight Curls Perm Rods. They’re made from a durable plastic material and have flow-through vents for enhanced saturation. Each perm rod has a ridged edge and rubber band to hold the hair firmly in place on the rod. They are available in a handy pack of 48 and come in different sizes & colors, including tangerine, sandy, lilac and gray. They’re specially designed for creating tight curls.

Instructions: 1. Remove button from the tip of the rod to release rubber band. 2. Wind a section of treated hair firmly around the rod. 3. Pull rubber band over hair and reinsert button in the tip of the rod to secure. 4. When treatment is completed, remove buttons to release hair from the rod.You will receive 4 dozens of COTU brand professional perm rods – A.) 1 dozen of Tangerine Rods: 3.25″ (L) x 0.85″ (Diameter), B.) 1 dozen of Sandy Rods: 3.2″ (L) x 0.8″ (Diameter), C.) 1 dozen of Lilac Rods:3.2″ (L) x 0.7″ (Diameter) and D.) 1 dozen of Gray Rods: 3.25″ (L) x 0.6″ (Diameter)
Professional quality easy to use non-slip cold wave rod with rubber band. Extra wide slots for even fluid distribution to your hair.
Assorted sizes rods can create beautiful curly, volume & body curls for all hair types. These perm rods are durable, long-lasting, and feature flow-thru vents to allow for better saturation.
Perm rod set hairstyles are a great way to achieve glamorous curls and stretch your hair with very little manipulation needed.
COTU (R) is a US Registered Trademark that is sold exclusively by Mighty Gadget (USA Merchant). Genuine COTU products must have our COTU logo and/or tags on the inside or outside of our product packages.


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