Centrifuge Extracted Premium 100% Organic Raw | Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Nana Solutions | For Cooking, Skin Care, Hair Care, & Oral Hygiene | Travel Size 3.4 oz


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From coconut milk cooked into chili paste to give a flavorfully balanced curry to roasted shredded coconut used as a texturing agent in a savory palm sugar sauce, it makes sense to look to a culture that uses coconut and coconut-derived food products throughout its cuisine. Nana’s organic raw virgin coconut oil is produced the way it’s been produced for generations, which employs using fresh coconut meat that is never dried, heated, or desiccated. Within hours of harvest at their peak for nutritional value and shelling, the still wet and fresh coconut meat is made into coconut milk (wet-milling). Using centrifugal force coconut oil is then separated from the milk, an entirely mechanical process, as we never use chemicals. The end result is a high quality, pure, and truly raw coconut oil that has been described at solid state as “whiter than snow white” and the crème de la crème of coconut oils. Nana’s coconuts are grown in tropical ecosystems among a variety of native plants such as cashews and pineapples. Wild mammals, birds, and insects live, thrive, and are an intricate part of this natural scene. These “mini jungles” are owned by farming families like ours and dot the coastlines of Southern Thailand. We’ve always had a long-standing belief that if we respect Mother Nature, she will in return take care of us. We harvest from trees planted a generation ago and plant only to replace ones approaching the end of their useful life to conserve this wonderful biodiversity. Know that when you buy Nana, you’re helping us achieve this goal.USDA, EU, JAS Organic Certified; Non-GMO, No Heat, No Bleach, No Hexane, and No Additives
Centrifuged-Extracted from 100% Raw Coconut Oil, Unrefined and Extra Virgin; Produced at a Facility FREE of Peanuts and Soy
Excellent Source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Nature’s Richest Source of Lauric Acid
Promotes Weight Management and Increases Energy; Nourishes Body, Hair, and Skin
Snow White When Solid & Clear When Liquid – Naturally Melts at 76˚F (24˚C)