Biotin (Update)


Ok so I gave Biotin a try.  Here’s the deal:  it works, I mean really works.  I saw actual progress.  Sections of hair that were once bald spots now have fuzz!  My edges are filling in, my hair is definitely growing, but—yes there’s a but.  But I found that my appetite suffered as a result of biotin.  Either I was really hungry even after eating, or I just had little appetite.  Either way, I think taking biotin did influence my appetite, so I’ve decided not to take it anymore, at least, for now.  I think I started on too high of a dose and I also think taking it daily was a bit of overkill.  So second time around, I will take 2500mcg maybe every other day.  But does it work? YES, without a doubt.  As I said in my last post, do your research.