Hey there! What are your favorite oils?
All of these oils are my go tos for my dry 4C natural hair for natural hair length retention and to lock in moisture. They are also the oils for natral hair growth. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil is especially good for winter natural hair care and hydration for dry natural hair. The Sweet Almond oil is how to soften natural hair and moisturize dry natural hair. The Extra Virgin oil is a one of the best scalp oils for natural hair in general. And the Tea Tree oil speed up natural hair growth. The Ylang Ylang oil is also great for how to speed up sebum production and how to cure dry scalp. Also these work great for my 4C natural hair and have helped a ton for my length retention and nourish my ends. I blend these and some other oils for the O in my LOC method on wash day for natural hair.
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