Here’s a quick demo of me doing bantu knots! All you need is water in a spray bottle, some oil and a cream or butter to allow the style to hold. I used The Curly Curl Creme by Taliyah Waajid.

A few tips:
1. Always style on hair that is as clean as possible to make sure the product works as well as possible.
2. Work in sections! This will make the process faster and less tedious.
3. Detangle using your fingers or a comb to allow the results to come out smooth and for the curls to take.
4. The more wet your hair is, the tighter the curls will turn out. The less wet your hair is, the more fluffy the curls will turn out. If you want the curls to have more length, work on stretched hair.

Thanks for watching!
Chantal xoxo

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