5 Tips For Managing Your Natural Hair



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Our natural hair experts put together a list of 5 tips that everyone doing “the big chop” should know.


Be gentle to your Natural Hair.

Kinky/curly hair may seem strong. Yet in its dry natural state, it is actually pretty weak and vulnerable to breakage.

Use good Natural Hair products.

One example is the Kinky Curly product line that has now been picked up by Target. Another example is Miss Jessie’s natural hair care line, which is also sold at Target. The products are a bit pricey, but they are worth it. Don’t listen to people that say to go cheap. The Kinky Curly shampoo is organic and sulfate-free.

Use a wide-toothed comb for your Natural Hair.

Yes, kinky hair can be de-tangled. Wet the hair with water or a leave-in conditioner prior to detangling. Get a large comb with wide teeth to help with detangling. Do not use a small tooth comb. Most likely you will break the hair.

Comb in small sections. Doing one section at a time and beginning with the ends of each section of wet hair allows for minimal discomfort. Once each section is detangled, twist the hair and pin it to keep it separate from the tangled hair.

Find good resources for hair care.

In addition to your stylist, check online resources. Yes, Target has great products available. Yet, there are so many videos on YouTube that show great techniques on detangling and caring for African-American hair. One of our favorite channels is Naptural85 . Her channel is bomb!!! The techniques that she demonstrates on video are better than what most of us have learned at home or at the salon. She offers simple and realistic hairstyles and she actually give details on what she does and products that she uses. She also focuses on natural living.

Improving self-esteem is often accomplished by solving a problem or completing a task. Hopefully these tips will help to resolve issues with natural hair. Hopefully, overcoming kinky hair challenges will prove to be a nice boost to one’s self-esteem.