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Here is a quick traction alopecia update and how I have grown out my bald spots/traction alopecia using 5 simple steps that are essential for maintaining natural healthy hair!

5 Power Tips to Grow Natural Hair ⤵️

1⃣️ Shampoo

It seems obvious, but how often do you have a wash day?

I ensure that I wash my hair with sulfate/paraben free shampoo every single week.
There will be the odd occasion when this stretches to two weeks, but my hair sure nuff tells me it’s long overdue for a wash.
I have also found using a shampoo massage brush has made a massive difference. The bristles stimulate the cells within the scalp, increasing blood flow, which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

2⃣️ Deep Conditioning 🙌🏾

The holy grail of natural hair care. I deep condition on every wash day, no exceptions with the Aphrodite deep conditioning cap that has just been working wonders for my hair.
If you can’t get your hands on a steamer or conditioning cap, turning your hot nob on full blast and letting the bathroom steam up while you’re in there for about 20mins will do the trick to get that much needed moisture in your hair. It also helps to raise the cuticle of the hair, which means that products/ingredients are more easily absorbed into the core.

3⃣️ Moisturise

Need I say more, my kinky coily natural hair relies on moisture for so many reasons. It is key for maintaining natural healthy hair. To prevent breakage, promote retention, easier manageability and have softer hair. It most def is a must to say the least!!!

4⃣️ Trimming

I have to admit it’s not something I do often, and it would be easy to avoid especially when you want your hair to growth (why cut
it right) The benefits of trimming include fuller, healthier ends, less breakage, and length retention. Once the hair starts growing back, it’s still important to have a regular trim for these benefits.


Need I say more, the great thing about our hair is versatility, so we can do so many things with it, and experiment with different styles.That being said this comes with a whole heap of pros and cons especially with bald spots.
I’ve avoided any kind of tension or pulling on the hair and just let it be.
Sometimes your hair needs to have a breather to allow it to grow, protective styles like braids wigs and weaves put a lot of stress on the hair over a prolonged period of time so make sure that you take a break from time to time.
I prefer having my hair out through all seasons and I seldom protective style, I’m now just used to me and my kinky coily curls.

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