Make DIY Seaweed Hair Conditioner, Moisturizer and Henna Mix

Seaweed Hair Conditioner, skin and scalp detox and mineralization, detox bath

Seaweed, in this case, Scottish ‘fucus serratus’ has been used for thousands of years to moisturize the skin, as a fully natural hair conditioner. At Natural Spa Supplies we like to use it to make up henna. It means that during the hennaing process the hair is fully protected and given a very deep conditioning treatment.
We show you how easy it is to turn the dried seaweed into the extract to use for deep conditioning the hair and why we use water no hotter than blood temperature to to get the liquid goodness out of the seaweed.
Seaweed has so many amazing vitamins, enzymes, minerals and healthy pigments, but for conditioning we focus on the fucins and alginates, the slippery component of seaweed.
Using seaweed as a conditioner massively improves the quality of hair growth – that why people use it for alopecia, hair loss, baldness and hair thinning. We use it for any hair which needs really good conditioning such as long hair, damaged hair and the protect the hair when using natural hair dyes such as henna.
While in contact with the scalp and skin, the seaweed detoxes, nourishes and support the hair follicles. It leaves the hair incredibly soft and protected. We use our seaweed each time we wash our hair with rhassoul clay to keep our hair in tip top condition.

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