Transitioning To Natural Hair! In this video I will share with you some of the major things I traded in while transitioning from my relaxed hair to natural hair! Since I often get asked about how I transitioned from relaxed to tailbone I decided to create a series inspired by YOU and all of YOUR QUESTIONS! So welcome to the first official video of the ‘Relax Ya Tail’ series. [Major play on words with the title “relaxer to tailbone” plus it takes a whole lot of patience to get there] Even If you’ve asked them before, leave all your questions below so I can include/answers them in this series. Hope this is somewhat helpful! Thanks for watching!! xox

Relax Ya Tail #RYT series is here to provide a space where not only you can learn from me but I can learn from YOU! I’m no magician, I’m just a girl who did a lot of reading, trial & error, & learned how to sit back & ‘Relax [My] Tail’.

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Venice Beach by Topher Mohr and Ale

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