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My Natural Hair Regimen/Routine: Part 1 For Curly Hair

I am redoing my regimen from start to finish. My hair has not been washed for two weeks so that I can show...

Natural Hair: Banding For Stretched Hair & Protective Style

I show how I band my freshly washed damp hair for a protective style. This hairstyle is very beneficial for me and it...


Hey luvlee’s! I needed to clear up any confusion about my hair texture changing since my big chop and TWA days. P.S. ❤️❤️❤️LOVE YOUR NATURAL...

Favorite Natural Hair Products

These are some of my all time favorite/staple products that I use to care for and style my natural hair. Enjoy! Instagram: @jolieluvlee Twitter: @jolieluvlee Email: jolieluvlee@gmail.com source