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Natural Book Review

Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton


I had the pleasure of reading Nikki Walton’s book, Better than Good Hair which is packed with information on natural hair care, DIY’s, hair styles, info for transitioners and tid-bits on just about every stage of being natural.  In addition, Nikki Dalton talks about make-up and accessorizing your TWA, for example, an issue I think many newly naturals struggle with.  The book is very informative and clearly written, and easy to read, with visual step by step simple hairstyles.  She features bloggers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs who highlight their experiences of being natural which is a plus; sometimes we want to hear from several different people and their experiences.  At the end of the book, you can refer to a glossary to learn about natural hair terminology and what they truly mean.  I did get some pretty good information from the book that I still use to this very day and would recommend to anyone who’s just starting out on their journey.  For more info on Nikki Walton, check out her blog at!

My current read? Lorraine Massy’s Curly Girl: The Handbook.  Check back in soon for a review!

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