how long it REALLY takes to grow waistlength natural hair


No this is not a video how to use rice water to grow waist length hair in 2 days!!!
I’m going to tell you the TRUTH! #naturalhairgrowth #naturalhair

Watch until the end as I’m going to be letting you into my top tips for achieving hair growth goals quicker!

•Dry hair is MUCH more prone to breakage.
*STRETCH ????????
•Keeping your hair stretched prevents it from our worst enemy:TANGLES. Tangles = Breakage = No length retention.
•Do this with care, take your sweet time, if you do not have time to do your hair, don’t do it!! Detangling too harshly breaks your hair off literally!
*PROTECT ????????‍♀️
•If you’re anything like me, I get very bored and tired of my natural hair, and to do both of us a favour I will braid her up for a month or so because whilst my hair is braided up I’m not touching it, it is not being manipulated so there is absolutely no chance for breakage.
*EAT WELL ????
•Our hair, just like our skin and nails will only blossom if we are eating all the correct nutrients for hair growth. If you are deficient in the building blocks, it’s going to be difficult for your body to prioritise growing healthy hair!

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