natural hair
natural hair

What goes into a great natural hair? There are a few ingredients, of course. Genetics play a role. Long-term care plays a role. Attention certainly plays a role. But there are ways you can become overly invested in your hair and doing so much to make it look good that you…end up making it look bad.

No one wants to admit it’s them, of course. But if you want a system of natural hair care without going to the hair salons every day, you could probably use a few pointers. Here are five ways you can maintain healthy and attractive natural care – and ditch those high-priced weekly hair salon visits.

1. Keep your hair clean. There’s no better way of keeping the need for an expensive hair salon at bay than keeping your own hair clean and fresh on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean that you need to become obsessive-compulsive about the state of your hair at every moment, but you should take the time to develop a daily habit that means giving your hair some attention. Just include it with the rest of your morning cleaning routine and you’ll be off to the races in no time.

2. Don’t accept every product your hair salon recommends. Sure, the hair salon has some good products to recommend. But not all of them will actually be right in terms of their chemistry with your hair. If you’re looking for a good hair product, you should be thinking about what makes your hair appear natural and not fake-looking. Even what looks good can be perceived as negative if it also looks fake. Always look for the way to find natural hair care that works.

3. Find natural options to replace your artificial products with. Would you rather clean your hair with a natural soap or with a chemical? Most of us would prefer the natural hair care because we instinctively know it’s better for us – and for our hair. Hair salons won’t always recommend these options but this tip alone will save you plenty of money and keep your hair healthy.

4. Keep your hair trim. You don’t have to keep your hair short, but keeping it ordered and making sure that it’s cut regularly is a great way to let the natural hair grow – and to continue to give your hair salon some business despite your attempts to move to a more “natural” hair style. It’s exactly what you’ll want to do to keep your appearance professional at work, as well.

5. Find new salons for better, natural hair. Sometimes you’ll just want to change salons and they can give you all the tips you need on maintaining healthy and good-looking natural hair. Yes, it can be that easy. Of course, some salons will always try to upsell you their specific products, but you can ignore those and find a place that’s genuinely interested in helping you better understand your hair.

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